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About Us


With over 20 years of experience, Production Resources is here for all of your clearance and product placement needs. Whether it's a blockbuster action film or an intimate indie story, we have a vast knowledge bank to creatively help you attain your vision. 

From the smallest details to the largest props, we scour the globe for that visual which will enhance each set and help move the storyline along accordingly. 

Our product placements are enjoyed organically in the story without taking you away from the magic of the moment. We work with companies all over the world to find what fits your needs. 


Clearances are carefully researched to protect your project. We make sure to obtain all copyrights and trademarks securely so you can deliver your film or series with confidence. 

We would love to help you on your next adventure!

Image by Drew Beamer

McKenzie Murphy

Clearance Coordinator


Scout Latte

Head of Security


Wendy Cohen


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